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Science K-6, Social Studies 6


Miss Brittany Bender
Science K-6/Social 6, STREAM Coordinator 



Community Partnership - Interdisciplinary: Connecting Subject Areas - PBL: Relevant or Real Life Application - Hands On/Building/Engineering - Technology Based

Grades K-4 will visit the science lab one day each week and experience hands on application in a particular area that coincides with the science curriculum in their classroom. I work with the primary teachers to align science lab with the work that is being done in the classroom during science time.

Every Friday afternoon we run a STREAM Academy in our building K-8th. Students are actively learning 21st Century Skills (The 4C's: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking) to prepare them for a bright future

In February Students will be learning:



Students will be using the ESP kit classroom plants. They will learn about living and nonliving characteristics and how plants work                                                                                                   


 Students will be learning about ocean animals. The Aquarium of Niagara will be visiting with a live touch tank for students to see ocean animals up close. 


 Students will be learning about the rain forest and the different layers of the rain forest 


 Students will be studying the solar system. They are creating a large diagram of the solar system and researching each planet to learn new information. 


 Students will be learning about ecosystems and food chains. They are discovering new terms such as abiotic and biotic. They will do a research project in groups on different ecosystems.


 Students will be learning about the engineering design process. They will discover what it is like to be an engineer and they will build their own prototype

 Science 6

 Students will learn about the human body. They will discover the fascinating things our body's can do. They will learn about all of the different body systems and their function. Students will be designing their own skull to protect a "human brain" (a 3 lb water balloon)

Social 6

Students are learning about Ancient Greece. They will discover all of the things that Greece has given us. They will also learn about the Olympics as they are taking place.