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Math - Advanced 7th & 8th


Mrs. Mary Ellen Rosati

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About Mrs. Rosati

This is my fourth year teaching at Immaculate Conception School. I came from St. Vincent de Paul School after it closed in June, 2014. At St. Vincent's I was 8th grade homeroom teacher and taught Religion 8, Math 6-8, Algebra, and ELA/Literature 7. Prior to that I taught at St. Martin of Tours School and St. Thomas Aquinas School.

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you most thankful for?

Religion 7 class will be studying the four Gospels and how each of us can be active disciples of Jesus.

Advanced 7th Grade Math is learning computing in Scientific Notation. For review, go on IXL.com Math 8 G.1 - G.4. There will be a test on Thursday, November 16, that will also include finding square and cube roots.   

Math 8 students should review similar figures using IXL.com, Q.4 and Q.5, and solving proportions with H.10. Later this week and next week, we will be using similar triangles to find indirect measurement, and comparing perimeter and area of similar figures.